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Assert Your Architecture! with this open source java library. Architecture Rules leverages an xml configuration file and optional programmatic configuration to assert your code's architecture via unit tests or ant tasks. This test is able to assert that specific packages do not depend on others and is able to check for and report on cyclic dependencies among your project's packages and classes. This project wraps a industry accepted JDepend to simplify the process of maintaining a solid software architecture.

Architecture Rules Moved

Thanks for visiting the Architecture Rules site. We have moved this informative site to a new domain.

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Why did we move?

We want to keep things simple, and we aren't happy about having to ask you to redirect to another site. However, this current site is hosted out of the SVN repository. This has been acceptable up until now, but does not allow us to utilize programming languages, such as PHP, to generate dynamic content.

The new site is backed by Wordpress which makes it easier to provide new content. For example, we've already created and index of code samples and page for the maven repository. We've also wired up the pages to update other pages automatically when new releases are made. Additionally, we now have a ton of RSS feeds so that you can keep track of the project without having to visit the site.


So again, we apologize for asking you to redirect, and asking you to update your bookmarks, but with the new content and the ability for us to add content more quickly we hope that you find it worth it. Thanks.